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Marketing is a continuous four step process:


Then, repeat the process. the good news is that now this process, (which required big investments before, to achieve) can be done through digital tools.

That is the huge contribution of online marketing to the business strategy.  It allows the business to promote itself in an economically sustainable manner, so that the flow of attraction and client retention never stops.


That is how digital tools can help you to achieve each and every phase of the process of marketing in your business::

Each tool aims to an objective

In light of this, the different tools that make up your digital strategy will answer to one of the four phases of the process. Depending on the area of the process which needs to be reinforced more, in that way too, will be the use of the tools that need to be employed.

For example, if your brand is widely known but far from the customer and cannot provide samples of the product or adopt new consumers, it is probable that you should focus on generating trust. If you can get customers but can´t get them to buy again your focus would be loyalty tools.


Although you should not use them all, the interaction and implementation of a few of them will allow you to carry your potential customers by the hand until you convert them into a customer and at the same time into a recurring customer. The absence of some of these tools can create voids and potential clientele loss in the process, be it because they got to know you but did not decide into taking the next step and went to the competition, or they bought once and didn't repeat, losing the possibility of generating additional sales.

Why do you have to strengthen your digital presence?


Allows to generate transactions and sales in an immediate manner.


It allows sharing information with others through re sending a link, posting on social networks or marking it as a favorite for future reference.

Wealth of content

The Internet allows you to educate potential customers with a great variety of formats, like texts, images, videos or downloadable documents. A 24/7 reach every month from anywhere in the world.


If you change contact information, products or your services options, you can adjust instantly.


To be able to attend customers concerns and problems immediately has a priceless value.

Digital tools support the business process


Using the internet and digital tools as a platform to promote a product, service, brand, company or organization has great advantages:


The applications and tools are highly accessible and you pay as you consume, hence being able escalate at any time.


Being hosted on the web, the information is protected, updated and can be modified from anywhere.

Call to action

With a single click, allows potential customers to know more details, subscribe to an electronic newsletter,  or request a quote, shortening the sales cycle.


Automating the delivery of information and constructing contact processes periodically allows you to be in the radar of persons who may not buy today but might do so in one or two years.


With mobile devices anyone can consult your information at any time or place. The educational process is continuous.


Always ready to serve you. Let's connect.

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