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Digital Marketing Consultant

More than 20 years ago I graduated as a Social Communicator. I am currently dedicated to what I am passionate about: telling stories and creating content in English and Spanish that generate meaningful experiences for people.

I have worked in the areas of Corporate Communications and Digital Marketing, in different paises of Latin America, the Caribbean and the USA, for multinational technology, hotel, human resources, family law and advertising companies. 
I have experience in strategic communications management, planning, creation   and content management for digital media. I am interested in understanding the environment, trends and behaviors and how to apply the knowledge in the creation of relevant communication strategies for the public or clients that require it. My areas of specialization include corporate and strategic communications management and content creation using different digital marketing tools and techniques. I like to listen to understand; I am constantly looking for innovative ideas. My recurring inspiration: "I've never thought of it like that."

Adriana Pelaez

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