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Digital Marketing Consultant

Social Communicator with Emphasis in Advertising. Experience in creating and coordinating digital communication strategies, training, social processes, ICTs and business processes.

Creative professional and entrepreneur. Specialized in the development of works where Strategic Communication is the main construction and development process, using experiential training, advertising strategy, design and new technologies as a creative support resource.  With proven skills and experience in the creation and management of commercial, political and social events and projects.  Experience in advising work projects with vulnerable populations, among which are young offenders, young people and children in zones of armed conflict and youth and community productive processes. With emphasis on the use of communication as a support strategy for any type of process within a social organization.

Vladimir Clavijo

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Digital Marketing Specialist Consultant

Use of creative tools and applications for community work, entrepreneurship and political advocacy. Creation of ICT strategies with strengths in social networks, use of free network tools for viral campaigns by specific themes and objectives. Experience in layout processes for the construction of applications for social networks, digital brand positioning and construction of digital personality. 

Understanding the use of analysis tools to create follow-up processes for digital competence and monitoring in subject networks according to the strategic framework of brand, product, service and client.  My experience has allowed me to achieve have a high impact on the processes in which I am involved as a worker and as an advisor. With my company, around 250 companies and ventures have been served thanks to the creation and development of the Digital Marketing Diploma of the Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá and a little more have been advised in adjusting these strategies._cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ We have worked in partnership with organizations in the social sector such as the ESAR Foundation, and with companies in the commercial sector such as Informa Colombia. 

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