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What is online publicity

Online publicity is making publicity on the internet, so when a potential customer is surfing on a sports page, a news portal, a social network or a search engine, they have the opportunity of coming across your advertisement and that way get to know what your business has to offer.


Publicity online refers to investing money to promote yourself in different formats, from banners and videos to ads on Google Adwords, Google display, Youtube, Facebook ads, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn amongst others. Search engines are important traffic generators, when the content of the page coincides with topics and aspects searched on Google.


Nevertheless taking part in the SEO game in an effective way and appear on the first page of the searches we are interested in, can be  a challenge. For this reason investing in publicity can be a  very good alternative as a complement or when it is not possible to achieve enough visibility with the organic searches.


For the investment on online publicity to be justifiable and for it to generate qualified traffic (potential customers), you must meet certain criteria according to the type of publicity and the formats to be used. Publicity doesn´t only seek to sell, it looks to invite to a next step (which amongst other things can be a sale). Important to select the appropriate publicity means and what to bear in mind in order for the investment to bear fruit.


Why consider online publicity

Compared to other publicity means, online publicity is one of the most effective, as few have the scope, segmentation level and measurement, with a relatively low investment level.


Total control of the budget

It´s not only about investing little money, it´s also about being in control of when you show, when you don't and when to pause. You can establish a daily budget or for a whole campaign, with a cost you are willing to pay for every click. In order word you establish the conditions. Something unimaginable in the traditional ways.


Everything is measurable

Every action on the internet is measurable, everything is traceable, every click a person makes, every download, every time someone fills in a form, checks a page or leaves it.


Any movement on the internet is measurable

Being able to measure each and every action, you can experiment permanently, evaluate, measure and adjust. You can find out what works and what doesn't, so you can improve your online strategies.


Economically accessible

Independently of your budget being $10 (USD) or $10.000 (USD), you have the possibility of doing publicity. Online publicity, besides having transformed the way to pay (only by the effectiveness of the advertisement, CPC), also democratized and made it available to any company however small, and their potential customers.

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